Coming soon: an introduction to IR and polyvagal theory in comic strips?

Art-mella is the author of the personal development comics "Emotions, enquête et mode d'emploi" (volumes 1 and 2). Her books are used in the fields of personal development, NVC, therapy, and even in schools, to facilitate the integration of sometimes complex notions of human functioning, in a light-hearted, playful way.
Having completed the IFS, IR training with François Ledoze, and the polyvagal theory training with Déborah Dana, Art-mella is currently working on a comic book that will disseminate these approaches, and will be released in 2019!
She shares her journey in a touching and colourful way:

Find out more: Read the full article on his blog

And while we're waiting for the eagerly-awaited release of this book, I invite you to discover, if you don't already know them, the first volumes of "Emotions, enquête et mode d'emploi" :

- Extracts from Volume 1
- Extracts from Volume 2

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