Director Dr François Le Doze Founder of SELF THERAPIE FORMATION®

François Le Doze  was a neurologist at Caen University Hospital for thirty years:

” As a neurologist who has worked at Caen University Hospital for thirty years, I've always been interested in the relationship between body and mind in the sick person.

My encounter with the Internal Family Systems model had a profound influence on my personal and professional life, directing me towards psychotherapeutic practice.

My knowledge of neuroscience enables me to base my practice on recent neuroscientific data in the field of psychotherapy.

I became a psychotherapist, an IFS therapist and then a trainer in IFS. Today, I work in private practice as a psychotherapist using the Relational Intelligence® model, developed from my own practice and recent neuroscience data in the field of psychotherapy”.

LA FORCE DE LA CONFIANCE ("THE POWER OF TRUST") is a presentation of the psychotherapy model Internal Family Systems, which aims to restore an individual's inner balance by harmonizing all the facets of their personality. The resulting new-found confidence enables them to fully harness their creative energy.

* co-written with C. Krumb

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