Institute for training in the psychotherapeutic model

created by Dr François Le Doze

The founder : Dr François Le Doze

The objective of Relational Intelligence® therapy is to enable the individual or human group to resolve internal or external conflicts and to access, in relation to others, a sense of inner unity and calm, a clearer vision of one's own life path, more resources in terms of creativity in the face of obstacles and confidence in the face of the challenges that life presents.

Creator of the Relational Intelligence® model,
Psychotherapist, Former IFS certified trainer,
Founder and director of Self Thérapie Formation®.

Organisme certifié “Qualiopi”,
sous le N°RNQ-20/04/035-02.
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The team

Dr François LE DOZE

Founder & Director

Marie TUR

Consultant Coordinator


Administrative assistant

Emmanuel GUENVER



Trainer - Responsible for the training of trainers

Jacques TUR

Educational Advisor. & information systems management

The therapists

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A transformative experience

The coaching sessions and workshops led by François Le Doze, that I have been able to follow, have been transforming experiences for me. In addition to his professional and technical mastery, François shows a quality of presence, an intensity of relationship, quite extraordinary, promoting a new inner connection. An approach to therapy as interesting as it is powerful.

Pierre Portevin

Life coach, author, speaker

A deep and joyful adventure

The training given by François Le Doze was for me one of the densest and most profound that I have had the opportunity to follow. It was only slowly, over the weeks we spent together, that I began to perceive the subtlety of the Self and the power of the healing link between therapist and patient. The quality of François' pedagogy, his benevolent way of setting and maintaining the framework, his expertise and finesse in demonstrations and explanations are exemplary and I try to model them in my own training. This true inner adventure has changed my way of approaching, practicing and transmitting energy psychology. François perfectly embodies this relational intelligence that he teaches as much by his posture as by his presence and his benevolence. This training is a real life experience that transforms us while initiating us to ego state therapies. I highly recommend you to live this profound and joyful adventure.

Jean-Michel GURRET

Psychotherapist, author, trainer

An impressive commitment

As an IFS Senior Trainer - IFS Lead Trainer [recognized by The Center for Self Leadership], I had the privilege of working with François from the beginning of his journey to bring the IFS model to the French-speaking world. I enjoyed guiding him in his training to become a trainer himself. I was impressed by his commitment to the IFS model, to his patients, to his trainees, and to himself. My regard for him has deepened since that time and I salute him today as he launches the Relational Intelligence® model.

Susan Mac Connell

IFS Trainer

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