Let's get to know each other The "Self Therapie Formation" team Administrative staff and trainers

    Dr François Le Doze

    Founder & Director

      Marie Tur

      Coordinating Consultant

      François Le Doze was a neurologist at Caen University Hospital for 30 years. He became a psychotherapist and made a major contribution to the spread of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) psychotherapy model in the French-speaking world through the publication of the books Système Familial Intérieur. Blessures et Guérison (scientific coordinator - Elsevier) and La force de la Confiance (co-author - Odile Jacob) and by becoming the first French-speaking trainer of this model.

      His encounter with Polyvagal Theory marked a turning point in his understanding of psychology and psychotherapy. The Relational Intelligence® model he created is based on a neurobiological reading of psychological trauma and the human being's capacity to evolve towards healing. He firmly believes that relational security is the foundation of harmonious psychological development.

      With this in mind, he founded Selfthérapie Formation (STF), to disseminate this model more widely and train qualified therapists.

      As Coordinating Consultant, Marie coordinates and advises STF's administrative and pedagogical teams. 


      The Team Administrative & Communication

        Andréa Kazakov

        Administrative assistant

        • Administrative management of training courses
        • Accounting
        • QUALIOPI contact person 
        • Disabilities contact person 

        Emmanuel Guenver


        Website and network monitoring / Newsletter

        The Team Training

          Marie Allain Bressolette

          Trainer - Responsible for the training of trainers

          • Relational Intelligence Psycho-practitioner
          • Trainer and head of the train-the-trainer center.

            Caroline De Meeus

            Assistant trainer

            • Relational Intelligence Psycho-practitioner

              Jacques Tur

              Educational consultant & information systems management

              • Relational Intelligence Psycho-practitioner

                Vanessa Vallet

                Technical support Webinar / Online training, E-learning platform management

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