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We would like to remind you that in order to register for an "Advanced" level training course,
you must have completed the basic Relational Intelligence® level.

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Basic Training

The Relational Intelligence® model

Basic Training

The theory and techniques that form the basis of the model are taught using a methodology that confronts concepts with practice in the form of real-life exercises.


- Develop their understanding of therapeutic concepts of the Relational Intelligence model®;

- Explore their own inner systems with the aim of integrating theoretical concepts for better professional practice;

Training includes presentations, discussions, demonstrations, exercises based on personal experience and regular, supervised therapy practice in small groups.

Target audience : 

Psychotherapists, psychologists, doctors, marriage counselors, people involved in care giving, coaches, mediators, teachers and trainers, and human resources managers. A preliminary interview with the trainer or his/her assistant may be necessary. This takes place before registration is confirmed.

Each course has its own Distance learning digital platform

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