” As a neurologist who has worked at Caen University Hospital for some thirty years, I've always been interested in the relationship between body and mind in the sick person.

My encounter with the Internal Family Systems model had a profound influence on my personal and professional life, directing me towards psychotherapeutic practice.

My knowledge of neuroscience enables me to base my practice on recent neuroscientific data in the field of psychotherapy.

I became a psychotherapist, IFS therapist and then a trainer in this practice. Today, I work as a freelance psychotherapist using the Relational Intelligence® model, developed from my own practice and recent neuroscience data in the field of psychotherapy".

Marie ALLAIN BRESSOLLETTE Responsible for training the trainers Relational Intelligence® Psychopractor

After a Master's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Human Resources from Sciences Po Paris, I spent 15 years in human resources. In particular, I was HR manager of a production plant for 5 years.

It was the birth of my children that brought me closer to who I really was, and prompted me to return to psychology, my true passion.

After trying out a number of therapeutic approaches, I discovered IFS therapy and then Relational Intelligence with François Le Doze. It was a revelation and an obvious choice for me.

Today, I'm a certified IFS and IR therapist, supervisor and trainer of the IR model. I'm also in charge of training future IR trainers and supervisors at STF.

My areas of focus are attachment, parenting and trauma healing.

Noëlle BUFFIERE Relational Intelligence® Trainer Relational Intelligence® Psychopractor

Relationships have always been a driving force in my life...

 I began my career as a therapist some twenty years ago, and trained for 6 years in relational therapy. 

I have worked with individuals, couples and groups, and then, thanks to some wonderful encounters, I became involved in transmission as a trainer and supervisor. The limits I perceived in my practice then prompted me to look for new support techniques. I turned to IFS, and passionately followed François Ledoze's creation of IR. These models have had a profound influence on my personal and professional life.

I currently work as an IR-certified psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer of the IR model. I continue to invest particularly in group therapy.

Yves Decroly Psychopathology trainer

"Passionate about human relationships, I've been accompanying my patients on the path to harmony for nearly 10 years, drawing on my extensive training in psychotherapy and recent developments in neuroscience. 

Yves Decroly is a clinical psychologist. Trained in the Relational Intelligence model of psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, energy psychology and the humanist approach, he works as a psychologist in private practice and in hospitals.

Passionate about understanding the human psyche, he completed several internships in psychiatry, driven by the desire to be able to recognize in his practice cases requiring multidisciplinary support adapted to their pathology.
Anchored in the academic world, he is scientifically involved in an international research project on consciousness and the reactions of the autonomic nervous system, in order to better understand dissociative processes.


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