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Scope of intervention :

  • Psychologist -
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Clinical psychologist

Brief presentation

Clinical psychologistI.C.V (Life Cycle Integration) and I.R. therapist 

target audience : young adults and adults

Consultation locations In office in France: Milly la forêt ( 91490) and La chapelle la reine ( 77760) by videoconference via skype or zoom

Detailed presentation

I trained as an educator and worked for over 20 years in the early childhood and medical-social fields.

I've learned a lot from all these encounters, and I've developed a particular clinical expertise, rich from all this field experience. 

Trained in psychology at a university offering an integrative approach (PARSI VII), my toolbox borrows from psychoanalysis, the humanistic and behavioral approaches and, more particularly, from neuroscience and attachment theory, to put itself first and foremost at the service of the individual.

My aim is to offer you a place to listen and talk, to welcome you where you are and as you are. We'll work together, drawing on your resources and strengths, and with a great deal of compassion for your weaknesses, so that you can find the solutions that best suit you to overcome your difficulties. 

Trained in IR by François Ledoze, I found in this therapeutic approach a way of combining body and mind, convinced that this is the path to healing and well-being.


Master II in clinical psychology and psychotherapy ( IED PARIS VIII)

I.C.V level 3 therapist (Double Hélice PARIS)

Family therapy training (ASM13 Paris)

Attachment training (Institut de la parentalité Lieusaint)

CNV 3 



REIKI level 3

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