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  • Psychopratician


Relationship Intelligence therapist

Brief presentation

After studying law and providing legal support to people, personal events led me to move into therapeutic support.

The practice of meditation enabled me to make sense of these events and to allow myself to be more authentic.

It's this authenticity and humanity that I've found in the Relational Intelligence® model, and which I put at your service.

Through gentle listening and the restoration of attachment, you'll move towards unconditional acceptance of who you are and your story.

Detailed presentation

I accompany you on the path to resilience and rebirth using the wonderful tool of Relational Intelligence®.

In a safe and caring environment, you can become aware of your limiting beliefs, break out of your conditioning and repetitive patterns, let go of transgenerational memories, soothe past wounds, shed light on your dark side and accept the trials of your life.

By bringing clarity to your painful experiences, you'll be able to access your inner resources.

Naturally, your inner and relational conflicts will gradually subside.

By getting to know yourself better, you'll be able to better regulate your emotions and manage your stress.


I'm particularly sensitive to perinatal bereavement, fertility and MAP issues.

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