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Valentine Lodato

49 rue de Marseille
Face-to-face and video consultations
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Therapist - Psychopratician in IR

Brief presentation

As a mind-body therapist and Relational Intelligence® psychopractor, my approach is based on the body-emotions-mind link, enabling me to work simultaneously on mental and physical health. My therapy sessions focus on regulating the nervous system, calming the emotions and connecting with the Self to develop greater inner security. 

Detailed presentation

The methods and tools I use enable me to understand each person as a whole, and to listen to the messages sent by the body and our nervous system. This particular focus on the relationship between psyche, emotions and body enables us to work together gently and without judgment, to develop anchoring, emotional and relational security. 

For many years now, I've been offering my support through the teachings of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a holistic and complete system that enables us to see the human being in his or her entirety and to act on the disorders he or she encounters, whether mental, psychological or physical. Ayurvedic therapy is based on body care, breathing and meditation techniques, nutrition, phytotherapy... 

The contributions of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) have gradually enriched the support I offer. It's a model that I've found essential for raising awareness and clarifying what's going on in our inner emotional world. In particular, I am trained in the mediation of the parts of ourselves, so that we can bring into dialogue the different parts of ourselves that inform us about our deepest needs.

The Relational Intelligence® model is a logical part of my approach to supporting you in your psychological and relational difficulties, by acting on the brain's plasticity to reprogram itself in the present. This therapy is based on the relational dynamic between patient and therapist, enabling us to explore different emotional states together, in complete safety. 


I welcome you in the two locations of the Sesam Center: 

- Center Sésam Lyon 7 - 49 rue de Marseille 69007 Lyon 

- Center Sésam Lyon 6 - 35 rue Tronchet 69006 Lyon 

- By video (for follow-up sessions)

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