The Therapists using the RI model

Valentine de Lagarde

5 rue Danton
38500 Voiron
Google Meet, Skype
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STF status

Scope of intervention :

  • Psychopratician -
  • Couple and family therapist


IR psycho-practitioner, mindfulness and positive thinking

Brief presentation

I can help you find the right balance in your life projects, in your relationships with others, through a past that's too present, personal or relational conflicts, dependency or abuse, grief or collapse, or simply a lack of joie de vivre.

I also welcome parents and children to discuss safe parenting and create a constructive relationship so that the child flourishes and the relationship lasts.

I'm convinced that in relationship, listening and security, all ills can be healed and we can, at last, give ourselves the life we deserve.

Sessions are held face-to-face in Paris 3rd arrondissement (near Bastille) and/or by videoconference.

Detailed presentation

It was after a career change and a far from straightforward path that I arrived here today,
with full readiness to accompany you on a simpler, healthier and above all happier life.

It was a burn out that made me realize that the direction I was taking personally was not going in the right direction. The role of therapist - although I think I've had it inside me for some years - took some time to take shape. It was primarily through a personal quest that I was able to see clearly what made sense to me.

Relational Intelligence® was an obvious choice: a therapy that encompasses all aspects of the human being, while being aware of the complexity of building a system at risk.
My knowledge of meditation and breathing is sometimes added to the therapy, to accompany you at every moment...


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