The Therapists using the RI model

Plaoutine Higelin Elisabeth

50 avenue de Ségur
75015 Paris
Zoom in or teams
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STF status

Scope of intervention :

  • Psychopratician


Psychopratician, coach and trainer

Brief presentation

A Relationship Intelligence® therapist with a diploma in Professional Coaching, I provide one-to-one support to adults seeking to improve their well-being.

In my practice and through my various experiences, I have acquired the deep conviction that :

  • the creation of a "secure" therapeutic relationship enables attachment wounds to be repaired through corrective relational experiences. It allows emotional wounds and traumas to be released, so that each person can regain inner security and a state of greater well-being.
  • healing and the resolution of difficulties are greatly facilitated if the head, heart and body are aligned and closely associated

Detailed presentation


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