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Mas des Terres Noires
34970 LATTES
Route de Pérols
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STF status

Scope of intervention :

  • Psychopratician -
  • Couple and family therapist


Helping relationship therapist. IFS and IR practitioner

Brief presentation

I'm Patrick, a relationship therapist, IFS and IR psychopractitioner.

I offer on-site support (Lattes near Montpellier), or remote support:

- for children, adults and individuals.
- for couples (in co-therapy with a colleague).

Detailed presentation

After personal work that enabled me to evolve and heal the wounds of the past, I had the impetus to train to become a practitioner and help others to rediscover their inner self (the Self), to make peace with their system in order to move towards well-being...

I have trained in the IFS® (Internal Family System) and IR® (Intelligence Relationnelle) therapeutic models.

I also trained in NVC® (Non-Violent Communication), while taking an interest in energy psychology (EFT®: Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Today, I practice above all with the heart and an unconditional welcome "in the here and now". 

I'd be delighted to accompany you!


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