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Scope of intervention :

  • Psychologist -
  • Psychotherapist -
  • Couple and family therapist


psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor

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Psychologist and family and systemic psychotherapist, supervisor. IFS, IR, EFT, Mindfulness.

Target audience Children, teenagers, adults, couples, families.

Place of consultation : by appointmentin Louvain-La-Neuve, Wavre (Limal) and by skype (international).

Individual psychotherapy:


      - You feel it's the right time to stop and take care of what's going on for you and within you...

  • You feel caught up in different emotions, overwhelming at times, and would like to find more serenity...
  • You're going through a life transition, want to bring clarity to what you're experiencing and make the right choices...
  • You feel confused....
  • You're exhausted by certain "roles" in your life and would like to live more fluidly and with less energy...
  • You want to know yourself better, understand yourself better, respect yourself better...
  •  You'd like to take a journey with yourself, while being accompanied with respect and kindness...

 Individual psychotherapy is a place where all this is possible.

Indications :

  • Children, teenagers, adults, seniors.
  • high potential, hypersensitivity, "rainbow, crystal, indigos" children/adults, ...
  • blockages, stress, fears, negative beliefs, anxieties, phobias
  • simple and/or complex traumas
  • psychosomatic disorders
  • eating disorders
  • experience or bereavement linked to the disability or illness of oneself or a loved one
  • life transitions (bereavement, burn out, separation, birth or departure of a child, transition to retirement, entry into residential care, etc.)
  • relationship or sexual difficulties
  • self-confidence, self-esteem
  • school dropout
  • ...

Family psychotherapy


  • You're going through a turbulent or turbulent family period...
  • You're going through a life transition...
  • Is one or more of your family members struggling to find their place in the current family balance?
  • You'd like to better understand how you work together and adjust what can be adjusted...
  • A member of your family is experiencing an illness or situation that affects several family members...
  • Would you like to better understand what you're going through and be accompanied along the way?

 Family psychotherapy is a place where all this is possible.


- individual

- group or team

- IFS supervision

Caring for others while caring for yourself...

Taking care of yourself to better take care of others...

Supervision is a precious space that enables us to step back from our professional practice, question it, overcome blockages, reinforce and refine our best practices...


  • Convinced by the deep connection between body and mind, by cellular memory, and by the importance of perceiving the human being, a being of relationship, in its entirety, I have trained in various complementary approaches that combine these different aspects, including: systemic therapy, the psychotherapeutic approach of the Inner Family System (IFS) and Relational Intelligence (RI), EFT (Emotional Techniques Freedom) or meridian therapy, and Mindfulness.
  • Continuing education: loyalty conflicts, bereavement, emotional intelligence, stress management, non-violent communication, creative journaling, etc.
  • 3rd cycle in systemic psychotherapy, Chapelle-aux-champs (2016-2020)

Creativity, welcoming what is, taking the whole person into account, in-depth work, concrete ways of anchoring oneself in the present, are all part of my psychotherapeutic support.

"Every day, do something that makes you happy until it becomes a habit."


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