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Scope of intervention :

  • Coach / Consultant -
  • Psychopratician -
  • Couple and family therapist


Psycho-practitioner and mediator for couples and/or individuals - adults and teens

Brief presentation

As a mediator and therapist, I have chosen to accompany those who wish to experience serenity on a daily basis.

After 50 years and a life already rich in human experience, 2 divorces, children, 2 businesses... in 2018 I decided to follow my first vocation and train to become a therapist.

I am also musician and very close to nature.

Detailed presentation

 - Psychopratician IR ( Relational Intelligence®)

Committed since my 1st training session in 2020 with Dr François Le Doze (creator of this therapeutic model), I continue to train to deepen my practice and broaden my knowledge. (Basic psychopathology with Yves Decroly in 2022 - Continuing education with Ulrick Delagarde and Yves Decroly in 2023)

It is a therapy that relies on the relational dynamic between patient and therapist, as well as in the patient him/herself, to resolve psychological conflicts and relationship problems.

This method not only treats complex psychological traumas, but also the attachment disorders that are often associated with and pre-existing to them.

L'Relational Intelligence® is based on the IFS (Internal Family System - Dr. R. schwartz) and the Polyvagal Theory (Dr. Stephen PORGES / Deb DANA), which integrates recent discoveries in neurobiology concerning the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

 This model is particularly effective because it integrates the bodily, emotional and neuropsychological dimensions by regulating the nervous system.

 It is based on thethe therapist's commitment and the quality of customer relations.

- CNV Mediator

After several training courses in NVC practice, I trained in "NVC Mediation" at the Institut Emergence in Nantes in 2019.

NVC mediation is an approach to the conflict resolution using the Non-Violent Communication (CNV)

It's a communication tool, mainly verbal, that can be used to resolve conflicts between two people or within groups. 

It is also a method for creating relationships between human beings based on mutual respect.empathythe compassionharmonious cooperation and self-respect and others.

NVC is not a therapy in itself, but it can have very interesting therapeutic spin-offs.

It allows us to let go of any judgment of the other, and to feel what's going on inside ourselves, while fostering mutual collaboration.

Its use as part of a couple therapy disarms conflict.

To achieve this, it is essential to establish a connection between people.

This is what allows us to know how the other person feels and what he/she needs.

Visit couple mediationNVC is about creating a bond of care and respect between the two parties that will destroy the conflict(s) and restore the relationship.

- REIKI Practitioner (2nd degree)

REIKI is a non-conventional healing method of Japanese origin, based on "energetic" healing through the laying on of hands and the use of symbols.

I use REIKI treatment for physical relaxation and self-connection, or as a punctual complement to the therapeutic path.


Fees :

  • Individual : 75€ (session approx. 1h )
  • Couple / family : 95€ (session approx. 1h30 )
  • diation: rates to be determined according to situation

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or by mail :

Face-to-face in Blois, Tours and Amboise or by videoconference.

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