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1 Avenue de Bagatelle
Saint Germain les Belles
Yes, by skype
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  • Psychopratician


Psychotherapist, mediator, educational support workshop leader, conscious communication trainer

Brief presentation

My life experience led me to want to understand what I was going through and to learn how to break with what was unconsciously reproducing itself from one generation to the next with much unease and anguish. It's been a long and winding road, but it's been worth it, because I've found and advanced along the path of understanding, which today has brought me peace. As a result, I'd like to do my bit for a more serene and benevolent humanity, by welcoming you to my office in Saint Germain les Belles or by videoconference.

Before any follow-up, a telephone appointment will enable us to get in touch to make sure that what I'm proposing is right for you.

Thank you

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