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Helene Delaplace

14 rue Dupuy du Grez
31300 Toulouse
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  • Psychopratician


Psychopratician IR

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As an IR® psychopractitioner, I can offer you remote (Skype or Gmail) or face-to-face support in Toulouse.

Detailed presentation

I've been working in the corporate world for over 20 years, and have always had a strong interest in people and interpersonal relations. The positions I've held have enabled me to experiment with different management methods and to work on group dynamics and collective intelligence. For several years now, I've been supporting managers and teams in the changes they encounter (organizational, cultural or management methods).

Two major accidents in my life have profoundly changed the course of my life, events which have also been opportunities to get to know myself better, to develop new skills, with each time the discovery of new "tools" which today enable me to accompany other people on their own path.

The first discovery was Non-Violent Communication (NVC), which turned out to be a paradigm shift in my life, a basis for taking back full responsibility for my life and my choices, for nurturing more authentic and richer relationships (with myself and others), thanks in particular to the practice of empathic listening.

La 2e  A few years later, I discovered IFS (Internal Family System) and IR® (Relational Intelligence): a further (giant ;-) step towards understanding the automatic mechanisms that often underlie our reactions and relationships (to ourselves and to others). These practices have enabled me to go even further towards alignment in my personal life and the creation of cooperative relationships that are satisfying for me and my interlocutors.

Through the training courses, and by practicing and following IFS and IR therapy myself, I've been able to measure just how valuable these tools are for understanding, transforming and updating my inner system. I've also been able to measure the impact of these changes for myself, in my family (especially with my children) and more broadly for those who follow these techniques.

Today, as an IR® psychopractitioner, I can offer you remote (Skype or Gmail) or face-to-face coaching in Toulouse.


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