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Fournier Elise

3 rue Geneviève Raindre
28130 Maintenon
Multidisciplinary Health Center
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Therapist - Parenting consultant - Trainer

Brief presentation

Relational Intelligence has revolutionized my way of being in the world and profoundly changed the way I relate to myself and others.
Experimenting with this model opened up new perspectives and new possibilities.
This encounter was an important turning point on my therapeutic path, and it's for this reason that I'm keen to accompany you on yours with this approach. 

Detailed presentation

When my first child arrived in 2007, I felt helpless, then quite quickly in deep distress, until I collapsed and experienced a parental burn-out.
I then started therapy and began looking for tools to best support my child, respecting his individuality and integrity, while learning to recognize my own individuality, identify my needs, aspirations and limits, which was (and still is, at times) quite a challenge, given my personal history! 
All this work over the years, through different approaches and with the motivation of supporting the parent in me to accompany my child, led me to understand that it was this child in me who was in vital need of finally being seen, heard, recognized in her suffering, protected and loved.
After working as a school teacher with the idea of helping children, then becoming a parent and realizing that it was by supporting parents and professionals that the condition of children and the way they are viewed in our society could evolve, I became a parenting consultant and trainer.
A few years later, the continuation of this path naturally led me to accompany those who have been wounded in us, now adults, but whose suffering is an obstacle to living the relationship and life we deeply aspire to live with ourselves, our children and, more broadly, others and in the world.


Trained in Creative Parenting, NVC, IFS and IR, I work with adults and adolescents in individual therapy.
I can welcome you at the Maison de Santé Pluridisciplinaire in Maintenon (28) or by videoconference.

To contact me: 06 67 57 89 27 -

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