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Florence BERNARD

504 Chaussée de Saint Job
1180 Brussels
0484 21 57 20
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  • Psychopratician -
  • Psychotherapist -
  • Couple and family therapist


IR therapist - IFS individual and couple (IFIO)

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A therapist in the field of helping relationships, I am trained in Relational Intelligence - IR (level 1, certified, facilitator and co-trainer), in Polyvagal Theory - TPV (levels 1 and 2 and level 3) and in the Inner Family System - IFS (level 1, level 2, couple -IFIO, assistant), 3 approaches that have transformed me on a personal level but have also transformed my practice as a therapist. Kindness, unconditional acceptance of each person as they are and as they experience things, and empathetic listening are at the heart of my approach.

I've also taken a number of training courses in energy psychology and other complementary approaches (EFT, TAT, logosynthesis, Compassion Focus Therappy, Brain Gym), which enable me to offer a follow-up that's as close as possible to each individual.

I work with children, teenagers and adults (individually or as a couple).
Because everyone needs to be able to say "I'm a beautiful person".

High-potential children - learning disabilities - school phobia - relationship problems - fear of failure

Self-esteem - Self-confidence - couples - break-ups - grief...

Emotional blocks - Managing emotions


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