The Therapists using the RI model

Engel Daniela

11 rue du Général De Gaulle
67110 Niederbronn-les-bains
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  • Coach / Consultant -
  • Psychopratician



Brief presentation

I practiced medicine for 20 years. I am now a body-mind therapist.

Detailed presentation

No one becomes a therapist by chance. As a child, I was hospitalized, which gave me a vocation for healing. I first embarked on a career as a doctor, before turning to body-psychotherapy in 2022, thanks to the discovery of the Relational Intelligence model and the teaching of Deborah Dana (Polyvagal Theory) since 2018. I also specialize in trauma management (Somatic Experiencing).

The Relational Intelligence model enables us to approach a problem by making sense of the underlying relationships between self and self, self and others, and self and the environment. It's the rediscovered fluidity between the top (cognitive functions) and the bottom (emotional functions, physiological fight-flight or freeze-up reactions) that enables us to move towards greater coherence, choice and conscious action, greater freedom, presence, security and confidence in ourselves and in life. In any case, these are the fruits I've reaped for myself during my training as a therapist. They're treasures that I now like to harvest with the people I work with, because there's that "before-after" effect of the session that's tasty and gratifying for me as well as for the other person.


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