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Elisabeth de la Tour

14 rue de la Tour
75116 Paris
06 09 54 80 81
I also consult by videoconference
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  • Coach / Consultant -
  • Psychopratician


coach and psychopratician

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Become the Artist of your Life

I'm a coach and psychopractor trained in Relational Intelligence® and Clean Language and Metaphors®. I love accompanying people towards a more harmonious and vibrant life. After a long career as an art historian, I'm now convinced that the quest for beauty can be found everywhere in life. It is this search for the talents and intrinsic beauty of each individual that motivates me today to help people "make visible what is invisible" Paul Klee. It's a real personal journey that requires being heard, understood and accepted without judgment or preconceived expectations, in order to reveal oneself and become the artist of one's own life. The very specific bond of security and trust created with the therapist is fundamental to the relational intelligence approach. It enables us to enter into this process in order to heal our wounds, internal conflicts, fears and stress. In this way, relational intelligence offers the possibility of revealing oneself to oneself, like a canvas that is gradually unveiled. It reprograms the nervous system and frees us from emotional suffering. The journey I've been on enables me to rediscover myself, to re-harmonize with myself and others, and to reveal my own unique and different style. I'd like to share it with you, so that you can rediscover your Art d'être.  


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