The Therapists using the RI model

Danielle ESCOULA

22 chemin de Brioudes
31600 MURET
Video session available

STF status

Scope of intervention :

  • Psychopratician -
  • Couple and family therapist


Certified trainer in Non-Violent Communication / Therapist / Chi Nei Tsang practitioner

Brief presentation

The various practices I use develop your self-awareness and understanding of your emotions. You're on your way in all sincerity and simplicity.

Detailed presentation

Thanks to our brain's neuroplasticity and Relational Intelligence, a proven coaching technique, we are no longer compelled to reproduce over and over again behaviors that cause us pain and separate us from others.

In individual sessions, we explore with you situations in your life that are not working for you (e.g. sadness, you feel empty, the behavior of others horrifies you, you respond angrily to people you love, you feel guilty...).
This coaching helps you to become aware that these states or attitudes have been repeating themselves since childhood, or more recently in the case of an emotional shock. It enables you to free yourself from them and transform them into attitudes that inspire you (e.g. confidence, adaptability, benevolence, love...).
Your system becomes more relaxed and you experience greater inner peace.


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