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Adeline Cirade

4, La Griserie
28160 Unverre
face-to-face and video consultations
Bilingual sessions ? :
Yes in English

STF status

Scope of intervention :

  • Other -
  • Psychopratician -
  • Couple and family therapist


Therapist - mediator - trainer

Brief presentation

My encounter with IR changed my life. I deeply believe it can change yours too. And I aspire to live in a world better informed about trauma, attachment wounds, and the workings of our nervous systems.

Because we deserve to live, not survive.

Detailed presentation

When I started training in NVC in 2015, I quickly encountered IFS. These two approaches turned my life upside down, for the better. I continued to train, to accompany my own customers. And when I discovered IR, it was as if all the pieces of the puzzle had come together.

The theme of attachment wounds and early trauma has always been at the heart of my practice, and it's a great joy for me to be able to draw on such a comprehensive, precise and humane approach as IR.

I love using social networks to share all this information that I feel is of public use, find me on Instagram --> @adeline.cirade_therapeute


Trained in IFS, CNV mediation, IFIO and IR, I provide individual, couple and family therapy.

I can meet you face-to-face or by videoconference - contact me! 

Adeline Cirade - 07 81 22 67 89 -

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