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Bergier Marie-Laure

8 chemin de Brûlefoin
25000 Besançon
06 81 08 40 60
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  • Psychopratician


IR and IFS psychopractor

Brief presentation

Who hasn't felt the weight of an unresolved past, or the sensation of being stuck at a crossroads in life? 

Individual therapeutic support that I propose, combining IR (Relational Intelligence) and  IFS (Inner Family System), treats trauma in a sweet and gradual. These therapy models also make it possible to unlock from repetitive situations or frozen and lead the person being supported to find his or her own healing path. In this way, they pave the way for profound liberation to experience full life and conscious.

Detailed presentation

Since childhood, because of my life history and past traumas, I have been questioned on human functioning, conflicts, suffering, fears, misunderstandings between individuals...

Over the past 30 years, I have passionately committed in training courses personal development to better understand my own workings and those of others.

My work as a palliative care nurse in Besançon strengthened my desire to deepen my knowledge of palliative care. knowledge of psychology. And so, gradually, the impulse to train myself in individual coaching imposed itself on me as a obvious

My career path is atypicalShe started out as a hairdresser and sports educator, then spent 17 years as a hospital nurse, specializing in palliative care for 10 years. now a psychopractical therapist.

Throughout my lifein different ways, my choice have been guided by what has always driven me: being present to others in the helping relationship. 

Discovering models  IR and IFS has been a turning point in my career. These approaches, aligned on my design of care therapeutic support towardspersonal autonomyMy training in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and psychodynamics provided me with the tools I needed to fully embrace the profession of psychopractitioner. I invested in my own therapy, in parallel with a professional course in  IR and in IFS in Lyon and Paris, asserting my commitment in this area.


My commitment as a professional psychopractical therapist at IR (Relational Intelligence) and IFS (Internal Family Systems) to a individual coaching adapted to each individual on the path to liberation that is "dare to be yourself.

With the IR  and the IFSI propose to guide the person to a caring inner dialogue. I invite him to become aware of your resourcesThis will help him to understand his strengths and weaknesses. This will provide new lighting on its operating system (emotions, reactions, behaviors, unconscious mechanisms, relationship to self and others). 

This awareness, through the therapeutic work and the bond of trust with the therapist, the person gradually builds up a a more secure relationshiphealthier with herself and therefore with others.

In other words, it's aboutsupportof support the person on an inner path that he or she chooses to explore, so that he or she can give meaning to your life and live a fulfilled, liberated adult.

My training courses

  • IR : Training levels 1 and 2, Advanced level Psychopathology, Trauma, Dissociation, Attachment and Webinar Continuing Education.
  • IFS : Level 1 and Level 2 training Deepening of the psychotherapeutic model.
  • IFIO : Training in relationship and couple therapy.

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