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Bénédicte Richard Boudjour

Le Sarradel Bas
11300 Saint-Martin-de-Villereglan
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  • Psychopratician


Music therapist - Psychopratician

Brief presentation

Specializing in the processes involved in interpersonal neurology, I am passionate about relationships and their incredible power over our lives and psyche.

I use the singing voice as a support for the attachment bond and a tool for self-regulation and co-regulation.

The therapeutic bond is a transformational balm.

It is at the heart of the healing process.

It's a privileged relational experience that has a profound effect on patterns of suffering and emotional memory.

I offer a space with a high level of trust and security and am fully committed to each and every one of my patients.

Detailed presentation

I have deepened my approach by studying the mechanisms of trauma and the way it conditions our current interactions and behaviors by distorting our ability to perceive signals of safety or danger in our environment.

I have extensive experience in the treatment of complex childhood traumas in the form of maltreatment, abuse and/or neglect.

Music and singing in particular are among the tools I naturally use to stimulate relational neurobiology.

My own therapeutic journey continues, and I am regularly supervised in order to adjust my accompaniments and refine my practice.


✦ Psychopathology
 Trauma, Dissociation and Attachment
Basic model Relational Intelligence®
✦ Method Figure Parental Ideal- by Dr David S. Elliott.
Interpersonal psychotherapy with Dr Oguz Omay.
 Systemic and family constellations
Brain Gym - Level 1 and 2 


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