The Therapists using the RI model

Aubert Laure

+33 6 62 80 03 42
sessions can also be accessed remotely via videoconferencing

STF status

Scope of intervention :

  • Psychopratician


Psycho-emotional therapist

Brief presentation

Detailed presentation

My name is Laure, my hair is gray, I laugh, I cry, I live, I touch, I feel, I vibrate.

In touch with my body, I've danced, I've skied, I've massaged for years (Thai massage).

In contact with people, I loved to travel the world, I learned a method linked to the body to be a therapist (theRelational Intelligence).

In contact with my anger and strong emotions, I came across NVC (non-violent communication).

I now have the means to alchemize this energy within me (anger, overflowing emotions).

Now I have a nugget that allows me to transform what others tell me without feeling judged and allowing me to dialogue with them.

At last, I'm learning to know myself, to take care of myself while taking responsibility for my emotions, my words, my life.

Enriched by these resources, I decided to become a NVC trainer, to be able to pass on and share what seems to me to be a goldmine for being in touch with oneself and with others.

And the treasure is IR ® therapy (Relational Intelligence).

I accompany you through a safe therapeutic relationship based on trust.

You'll regain access to your oxytocin, a natural rejuvenator, to connect with yourself and others, and develop the ability to self-regulate your emotional state.


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