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Anne-Laure Courel

2733 Rue Mousseau
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Scope of intervention :

  • Psychopratician



Brief presentation

Hello everyone,

If you see my name twice in the directory, it's because I practice in two different places during the year, Lyon in France and Montreal in Quebec. Here you are on my "Canadian" page. The content is the same as the French page, only the address is different.
Voici ma démarche de travail, à bientôt 🙂

The the ultimate goal of my therapeutic practice is to enable you to regain access to oneself and to the Self (Self), that is,
to regain access to those spaces where you are larger your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and reactions.

Through my coaching, I aim to regaining autonomy and power over yourself as well as a happy harmony between your different states of mind (or parts) in order to offer and receive the best in your relationships to others and to yourself.

And it's hand in hand, thanks to IR, that we walk this path of return to Self,
focusing on emotional security at all timesin the relationship.

Detailed presentation

I enrich the color palette of my IR practice with various body-psychological tools (such as mindfulness meditation, NVC-based conscious communication and Relational Focusing) or the interpretation of dream material, when it seems appropriate.     

My accompaniments and follow-up are adapted to each individualwhile respecting my skills and personal limits.

By favoring a heart-body-spirit approach, I opt for a more holistic approach to the human being, aiming not to forget any dimension of the human being and enabling him or her to regain access to his or her full potential.


  • I have a theoretical and academic background and studied Psychology of the Bachelor's degree to doctoral level in clinical psychology (D.Psy) in Quebec.
  • I then trained in Communication Non-violent (over 1000h), based on Marshall Rosenberg's approach, with the Conscientia and Communication Synergy groups, in continuing education and integration for 5 years in Montreal (2016-2021).
  • This led me to train in Relational Focusing(a mind-body approach based on the philosophy of Eugene T. Genflin) in Montreal in 2022.
  • To finally arrive at the training and practice of Relational Intelligence (RI) model therapy to advanced level.
  • At the same time, I've been training in Jungian psychoanalysis for 8 years and I'm passionate about thedream interpretation. 
    Here too, IR is an invaluable tool for safely reassociating symbols (from what has been fragmented, dissociated and thus repressed in the unconscious), towards awareness of the unified Self (Self).

    - Assistant for basic IR training in Montreal for 2023-2024
    - Assistant for basic IR training in Lyon for the year 2024

    I practice in remote all over the world and face-to-face in France in Lyon and in Quebec in Montreal.

                                               ******* I practice and receive English speakers too*******


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