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20 rue des sables

STF status

Scope of intervention :

  • Psychopratician



Brief presentation


My name is Anne ASSEMAT. I've been living in Pays de Retz, Loire-Atlantique (44), for over a year now, after a career in special education. I practice IR therapy, either face-to-face or by videoconference.
We'll have a one-hour experience, either face-to-face or by videoconference, to gain clarity and awareness of your blocks and challenges.
Don't hesitate to contact me via the website.

Detailed presentation

Your needs - findings - issues

  • You want to see a situation or a relationship more clearly;
  • You notice that you're repeating the same scenarios. Or, events are repeating themselves;
  • You don't know why, in certain situations (assessments / interviews, for example), you lose your nerve;
  • You lack self-confidence and/or self-esteem;
  • You feel stuck in your life;
  • You have wounds, traumas you'd like to heal;

IR therapy helps to bring clarity, to restore Life, to treat these difficulties and blockages at their source. Heal!

Who am I?

   Life events were poorly wrapped gifts that put me back on the path of Life. At the time, I was living like a head on legs, cut off from myself, my soul, my aspirations, my desires, unaware of what was affecting me.

   As I continue on my path towards more sensitive and unified accompaniment, I've discovered that my hypersensitivity becomes an asset. In addition, I lived in New Caledonia until 2017 and come from a mixed-race background. This allows me to have a cross-cultural understanding of events, seeing what unites us in our differences, not taking facts for granted.

  We look forward to meeting you!


Other interests and training:

Practice Qi-Gong, cook, discover new things, new places, laugh, sing, dance (salsa, bachata, rock...), long-distance sailing, motorcycling...

My favorite books:
"Émotions, Enquête et mode d'emploi, t1, t2, t3", "Allô moi m'aime", Art-Mella
"The body forgets nothing, Bessel VAN DER KOLK
Self-therapy"Jay EARLEY
"The Prophecy of the Bees", "The Thanatonauts", "Pandora's Box", Bernard WERBER
"Intuitio", "And you will find the treasure that is hidden within you", Laurent GOUNELLE
"Le cri", "Complot", "Le dernier message", "Le passager sans visage", Nicolas BEUGLET

  • FABER & MAZLISH trainingTalking to children so that they listen; Listening so that they talkt"
  • CNV
  • IRiS Intuition - Developing your intuition
  • Strategic Numerology®

Academic training:

  • Teacher's diploma;
  • CAPASH option E;
  • M1 in Child Neuropsychology;
  • Relationship Intelligence® (R.I.) Therapy Level 1
  • Psychodynamique du Travail, psychodynamic orientation, at the CNAM in Nantes (in progress);

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