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Sophrotherapist, EFT therapist, RESC practitioner

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Becoming more aware of who we are, of our wounds and vulnerabilities, is a strength that enables us to be better with ourselves and with others.

This fascinating yet difficult and unsettling inner journey is an experience that takes place in safety, with gentleness, respect, kindness and the therapist's commitment.

Thanks to the Relational Intelligence® model, you will be able to treat not only complex psychological traumas, but also the attachment disorders that are very often associated with and pre-existing them..

"Changing the world is not your mission. Changing yourself is your duty. Awakening to your true nature is your opportunity." Mooji, spiritual master. I'd be happy to accompany you if you'd like to give yourself this gift.

Detailed presentation

As a nurse for 20 years, I have always focused on prevention, health education, relationships and helping people to improve their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Based on the adage that prevention is better than cure, I've naturally turned to holistic and preventive methods over the past 12 years. Stress, pain and illness are sources of inner turbulence. To take charge of your health, you need to be able to hear the body's words and pains. 

A caring professional, trained and certified at the Institut de la RESC and SophroCapAs a member of the Sophrology PNL school, I practice my profession in accordance with the profession's code of ethics. As a RESC trainer, I am committed to transmission, sharing and trust.

To touch a person is to shake their emotional and psychic interiority. With the help of all these models, I feel I can accompany the whole person.

With the Relational Intelligence® model, I can make links between ailments and words, and enable people to experience this inner resonance in safety, to recreate pathways to inner freedom.



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